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The Effects of Air Pressure on Wet Weather Performance from Discount Tire

Tire Pressure’s Effect on Wet Weather Performance

Wherever you reside, you are bound to have some rainy days or full-on monsoons. It can be pretty nerve-wracking when driving in intense rain but having proper air pressure in your tires can improve fuel efficiency and treadwear while also giving you a better performance in wet weather. Ideally, you want to have proper air pressure when driving in wet weather to avoid hydroplaning. Check out our guide below on wet weather maintenance.

Underinflated Tires in Wet Weather

Hydroplaning tire


When a tire is underinflated, the vehicle load isn’t distributed evenly throughout the tire and the center of the tread can’t support the weight of the vehicle. When the center tread area doesn’t support the vehicle load, the tire’s shoulders are forced to pick up the slack. This causes the center tread area to lift up from the driving surface.

Not only can this lead to premature treadwear, but it also keeps the tire from sufficiently displacing water, which makes the tire more likely to hydroplane. Hydroplaning can be pretty dangerous depending on the situation so it is imperative to avoid underinflated tires.


Properly Inflated Tires in Wet Weather

Properly inflated tires evenly distribute the load across the face of the tire, maximizing how much tread contacts the driving surface. This allows the tire to come into full contact with the road, removing water from the contact patch as rapidly as possible.

For the best possible wet weather performance, we recommend inflating your tires to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended air pressure. This air pressure should provide the best possible contact patch for your tires.

Learn more about the basics of overinflation and underinflation, the effects of air pressure on treadwear and how to check tire pressure.

If you think your tires might be low, feel free to stop by your neighborhood Discount Tire for a free air check.

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