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Good Better Best Tire Rating System

Tire Rating System

Discount Tire uses a simple Good, Better, Best tire rating system to help you easily compare and understand the differences in quality and performance so you can decide which tire best meets your needs.

best rated tires


The best of the best. Cutting edge design and high quality components contribute to best overall value. There are minimal performance tradeoffs, making this a top choice in tire selection.


State-of-the-art designs and high quality components contribute to BEST overall value.


Depending on particular product, worn tire performance degradation is minimal.


Latest generation of raw materials and compounds are used combined with a wide variety of manufacturing techniques. Minimal performance tradeoffs.


better rated tires


The Better rated tire is noticeably improved and are mid-ramge in cost. There are some performance tradeoffs, however they are typically less noticeable.


Incorporates some advanced designs and components and are priced mid-level.


Performance tradeoffs still occur but are typically less noticeable. Worn tire performance is usually improved with Better tires compared to Good tires.


Generally higher quality raw materials and rubber compounds are used. High volume, straightforward manufacturing processes are used in most cases, however, some niche, small-lot techniques are incorporated.


good rated tires


The simple tire that has uncomplicated components. Although affordable, there are noticeable performance tradeoffs that usually occur (ex: acceptable tread life but lacking in snow or wet performance).


Most affordable, with simple designs and components.


Basic raw materials and rubber compounds. High volume, straightforward manufacturing processes. Noticeable performance tradeoffs.


In general, worn tire performance degrades faster when compared to BEST and BETTER tires.



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