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Winter tire and wheel packages – our picks by vehicle

By: Discount Tire

winter tire and wheel package

Winter driving. Some fear it. Some hate it. Others don’t even know what to expect. But what if we told you there’s a simple way to make it an afterthought?

If you reached this page you’re likely already deep in your journey on researching winter tires and wheels. That’s good! The most important part of not only surviving but thriving on snowy and icy road conditions is admitting you might not know what you’re getting yourself into.

That’s why we’re compiling some solid winter tire and wheel choices right here, based specifically on your vehicle type. And no matter whether you drive an Audi, BMW, Mercedes or Tesla (some of the most popular wheel/tire package vehicles to shop for) the below should do the job.

But in addition to a set of new tires, you might want to consider a second set of winter wheels if you want to protect your current aftermarket or OE wheels from road salt and potential damage this winter. To this end, many go with traditional steel wheels for a no-frills, no-worry winter wheel/tire package.

We know researching winter tires and wheels can get overwhelming, so we put together a list of some winter wheels and tires that you can package up all in one go.

Winter tire and rim packages

Truck: Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2/MB Wheels Legacy

snow tire and rim package

Bridgestone’s Blizzak family of winter tires is well known for its quality and popularity. Suited from many vehicle types, we’re highlighting the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 here for use on pickup and light duty trucks in particular.


The Blizzak DM-V2 has a proprietary multi-cell compound that removes water from under the tire surface in order to provide strong braking on wet and icy roads. Its aggressive block pattern allows the tire to “bite” through the snow in order to make contact with the roadway itself. On a set of DM-V2s, you’ll see in a cinch why these are some of the best winter tires out there for your pickup truck.

Consider combining with the MB Wheels Legacy. Known for its strength and durability on the road, its machined finish has a clear coat to protect it from any road clearing chemicals. The Legacy is one of our more popular (and a Discount Tire exclusive) selection for a truck wheel that won’t leave your wallet taking too big of a hit if you want to package up snow tires and wheels for your truck this winter.

SUV and Crossover/CUV: Michelin X-Ice Xi3/Vision Cross

audi q7 winter wheel and tire package

Suited for any SUV or crossover, the Michelin X-Ice Xi3 doesn’t sacrifice on performance or tread life. The X-Ice Xi3 is a third-generation studless winter tire that’s both long-lasting and reliable.

This tire is known for maintaining its great traction and smooth ride all winter long while potentially even increasing your fuel economy compared to non-winter tires in winter conditions. Michelin being a highly trusted name in the industry, you can bet the X-Ice Xi3 delivers on quality and confident handling over its 40,000-mile warranty.

If you’re looking for a winter wheel suited for an SUV or crossover, we recommend either the Vision Cross 1 or Vision Cross 2. These add an elegant but simplistic look and style to accompany the Xi3’s performance.

Sedan/Wagon: Nokian Hakkapelitta 8/Liquid Metal Atom

model 3 18 aero wheel and winter tire package

A Discount Tire exclusive, the Nokian Hakkapelitta 8 is engineered for the harshest winters of Northern Europe—and is also one of the best winter tires we carry. The Hakkapelitta 8 is perfect for sedans and wagons of degrees of price and power (and also offers the Hakkapelitta 8 SUV for larger vehicles).

Available both studdable or studded options, the Hakkapelitta 8 features a saw-toothed tread block and enhanced winter tread compound that delivers grip and responsive handling in slush, snow and temperatures below 45 degrees. Make no mistake: if you’re looking to venture out or you have to commute in tough winter weather the Hakkapelitta 8 has you covered.

Combine with theLiquid Metal Atom for maintenance-free protection this winter. The Atom is one of the more popular choices for winter wheels because of its no-frills design and overall durability.

In fact, most people really only need a basic steel wheel like the Liquid Metal Atom for the wintertime since any set of wheels you run are going to get blasted by road salt and the other chemicals used to keep the roads clear this winter.

Sports car: Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero S2/Vöxx Replica

winter tire and wheel packages

For a winter tire that packs in performance, look no further than the Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero S2. A good example of the increasingly popular high performance winter tire segment, the Winter 240 SottoZero S2 was designed specifically for sports cars and high-end performance vehicles.

These Pirellis can improve your overall winter driving confidence via their patented sipe layout, which increases the tire’s rigidity and ultimately improves grip, stability and braking. On top of that, its inclined internal grooves and external circumferential grooves work to reduce noise and keep slush out of its tread. Make no mistake, if you’re looking for confidence and grip in your high-powered vehicle, the Pirelli Winter 240 SottoZero S2 has you covered.

When searching for a good winter wheel for your performance vehicle, we recommend a set of Vöxx replica wheels (if there’s an option for your vehicle). The finish on your wheels can easily be ruined in harsh winter conditions, and if you want to preserve your OE or aftermarket wheels, a replica wheel will have the level of quality you expect at a fraction of the price.

Read more about Vöxx replica wheels here.

Does the perfect winter tire and wheel package exist?

There’s truly no limit to the combination of winter tire and wheel packages to choose from. When it’s time to switch over to winter tires, consider one of the winter tire and wheel combinations above or build your own.

For any winter tire you can also add extra backup to your vehicle by adding Certificates to your order.

Our tire Certificate program is a cost-effective way to guarantee a repair, refund or replacement should anything happen to your winter tires down to 3/32” of their tread—with no limit on the amount of miles that our Certificates cover.

(By doing so you could potentially have your winter tires covered for the better part of a decade since they’re only used for roughly one quarter of the year!)

Winter tire changeovers can seem like a pain, but Discount Tire is here to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Our number one priority is your safety on the road this winter, so stop by any of our 1000-plus locations today and we’ll get you taken care of.